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Funding Priorities

Workstations on Wheels for Medical Units: $100,000

Workstations on Wheels (WOWs) are essential mobile carts which come with wireless computers and scanners, allowing care providers to enter orders and administer medications by scanning a patient’s armband. The carts are integral to patient safety, by alerting care providers of any potential risks, such as allergies, and ensure patients get the right medication.

Stryker Air Beds for Critical Care: $74,000

Air beds are really important for patients who spend a lot of time immobile in bed. They redistribute pressure to assist in the treatment and prevention of bedsores and aids in the moisture management of skin. These beds will add to Woodstock Hospital’s fleet of air beds to allow more patients access to their benefits.

General X-Ray for Diagnostic Imaging: $600,000

Our current general x-ray (general radiology) is reaching the end of its lifespan- its been in use since 2004. X-rays are commonly used to image bones and lungs because they produce high quality images using a minimum of radiation.

Cystoscopes for Outpatient Clinic: $46,890

Cystoscopes are used for cystoscopies to diagnose, monitor and treat conditions affecting the bladder and urethra. Our current scopes are old and our Outpatient Clinic doesn’t have enough to respond to the need. Additional scopes will increase turnaround time between patients and ensure our staff have up-to-date technology.

Portable Obstetrical Ultrasound for Maternal Child: $42,228

A Portable Obstetrical Ultrasound allows our obstetricians to do a scan right at the bedside. An obstetrical ultrasound is a useful clinical test to assess several things, including fetal well-being and fetal growth. This portable machine can be moved between obstetrical triage rooms, Labour and Delivery rooms, and the designated caesarean room as needed, ensuring its technology is available wherever mom and baby are.

Maintaining a State-of-the-Art Facility

Technology has transformed the health care industry. It allows patients to receive quicker diagnoses, experience fewer complications and recover in less time. However, as with any piece of technology, medical equipment has a lifespan, and it wears out or is eclipsed with something newer and more advanced.

Woodstock Hospital is committed to providing state-of-the-art care to all patients. In order to do so we must continually invest in technology to ensure we are able to meet the current needs of our community, while also preparing for new ones.

Oxford County has one of the largest senior populations in the province and as we live longer, we face more complex healthcare issues. According to Statistics Canada, 25% of Canadian seniors aged 65 to 79 years and 37% of those aged 80 years and over have four or more of a wide-ranging list of chronic conditions. Having the latest in health care technology will help ensure those living with chronic illnesses can receive the care they need quickly and most importantly, close to home.

Since the provincial government does not fund the purchase of equipment, it is the responsibility of the Foundation to ensure the hospital is able to provide patients and their families with high quality healthcare.