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Our New Nuclear Medicine Camera, Flash

Remember me? I’m Flash, the nuclear medicine camera! I wrote to you two years ago, asking for your help. My dream was to come to Woodstock Hospital so that I could help patients with my special photo taking skills. And guess what? We did it! Thanks to your generous donations, I have arrived at my new home in the Diagnostic Imaging Department.

You might be thinking, “Two years ago? I don’t even remember what I was doing two days ago!” So let me reintroduce myself. As a nuclear medicine camera, my job is to take pictures of tissues, bones and organs. Patients are administered low doses of radioactive materials that are attracted to specific areas of the body. These materials emit gamma rays that can be detected by me, the camera, and turned into images that give radiologists information about the body, especially about the function of an organ.

Because the exams are highly sensitive, I can detect diseases in their earliest stages. One day, I might be detecting a blood clot in a patient’s lungs. The next day, I could be doing a thyroid scan. I am very busy and like to think of myself as quite the important piece of technology.

I’m glad you thought so too and decided to donate! Because of your donations, I arrived at Woodstock Hospital and began helping patients on September 21, 2020. I don’t like to brag, but I think staff are very happy I’m here! For one thing, I have the ability to do scans faster which enhances patient comfort. I also have a larger scanning field, so there is no need to move a patient mid-scan. Staff also love that I have more automated capabilities than the older camera.

Your support of the Woodstock Hospital Foundation is so important. Let me explain why.

Imaging systems, much like home computers, see technology change rapidly. In many cases, new equipment (like me!) and technology, allow staff to do things faster with fewer complications. The newer technology may also allow staff to see things on scans that was not as easy to see user older systems and machinery.

On behalf of the Woodstock Hospital Foundation, I say thank you! Together, we are improving countless lives by providing the latest in healthcare technology for excellent patient care close to home in Oxford County.

Woodstock Hospital’s NEW Nuclear Medicine Camera