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The Power of Light: An Ultraviolet Light Disinfection System

There are so many factors in a hospital that go into keeping patients, staff, visitors, and volunteers safe. At Woodstock Hospital we have a dedicated Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) department whose role is to identify and reduce the risk of hospital acquired infections (HAIs). When patients are discharged or moved within the hospital, IPAC works closely with our Housekeeping team to ensure rooms are properly cleaned and disinfected.

Patient safety is a top priority at Woodstock Hospital, which is why the hospital wanted to bring in new technology to further combat the risk of HAI’s. Through donor support we were able to purchase an Ultraviolet Light Disinfection system to enhance cleaning throughout the organization.

Hospital acquired infections are a leading cause of death and can cost the hospital a lot in treatment. Our Housekeeping team works hard to reduce the risk of HAI’s for patients with rigorous manual cleaning, but research has shown that pathogens are able to survive for extended periods of time on inanimate surfaces, despite regular cleaning. The ultraviolet light, in addition to manual cleaning efforts, is able to quickly and effectively kill harmful pathogens.

Currently, the ultraviolet light is being used to disinfect patient rooms and operating rooms. Once housekeeping staff have manually cleaned the room, they bring in the ultraviolet light for enhanced cleaning. The system uses remote sensors to ensure the correct dosage of ultraviolet light in the C spectrum is delivered to disinfect all areas and surfaces in the room. Depending on the room size, it takes 15-45 minutes to disinfect the area.

The $90,000 Ultraviolet Light Disinfection system was made possible thanks to funds raised through the 2019 Charity Golf Tournament. We are thankful to our sponsors, golfers, and committee members who helped bring this leading-edge technology to Woodstock Hospital. The impact the disinfection system will have on patient safety is immeasurable.