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Fundraising for 10 New WOWs 

There is no such thing as a typical day for nurses because critical situations can happen at any moment.

It’s 6:45 am and I am on my way to the second floor of the hospital. My name is Elvira Villanueva, I am a nurse in the Medical Surgical Unit, which is a 16-bed unit providing care and treatment to adult patients that may be ill, injured, or recovering.

I believe in beginning each shift with a positive attitude, so I enter each room with a smile and ask my patient how they slept. My morning rounds consist of looking up bloodwork, monitoring vital signs, and assessing my patients’ condition to determine if anything needs my immediate attention. The hours go by quickly especially during a busy shift, so having technology and equipment that can help me provide personalized service and care is very important.

One piece of equipment I use daily is called a Workstation on Wheels, also known as WOWs. These workstations are essential in bringing the electronic patient record system to the bedside. WOWs are equipped with a monitor, keyboard, and several drawers that securely store medications and other supplies. I bring the WOW into my patient room and using a health information system called Cerner, I’m able to look up their medical history including bloodwork, x-rays, and other useful information that I may need to assess my patients.

One of the most important features is barcode scanning which allows me to match the medication orders that are verified by the pharmacist electronically before being given to the patient. I scan the patient’s wristband and scan a barcode on the medication packaging to ensure that patient receives the appropriate medication and dosage. This technology is adding a significant level of safety and enhancing the overall patient experience.

This year we need your help to purchase 10 new WOWs. At a cost of $10,000 each, the Woodstock Hospital needs your support to raise $100,000. We rely on community support to purchase new equipment and technology that enhances patient care and services.

I am asking you to make a donation today to help fund the purchase of new WOWs for your hospital. Your contributions will help nursing staff like me provide the best possible care to our patients.